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Growing a Bead Store

Hi, my name is Tammy Kemp.  Tom is my husband.

I worked in the dental field for 30 years, then became unable to work shortly after launching a handmade jewelry business, in 2012.  I became ill and was actually bedridden for an entire year.  I am no longer able to sit for extended periods of time to make any jewelry.  Plus, I'm really shaky now, which is quite frustrating.

This year, my husband and I heard the beads and components calling out to us, begging to be handled, so he decided to sell my inventory.  I didn't want to give up beads completely, though.  It's very therapeutic for me to run my hands through them.

I also love to try to design new woven bead jewelry, hence the Oh, My Stars! bracelet and the designs that followed.  I do charge for the patterns as a way to help recoup some of the business costs until the shop and website grow a bit more.

So, he's selling my current inventory and purchasing more beads to resell with the proceeds.  Although, the term "Seed Bead" has broadened in its meaning, that will be the focus for building a new inventory.

It’s hilarious to teach him bead names and attributes – it’s a man thing.  But, he’s getting it slowly, with a bit of help from me.  He has big hands too and you should see him measuring out 15/0 beads. 

He renovated one of the rooms in the house to be his "bead store".  He's hoping the store will grow enough to keep him busy when he retires.

It's definitely something to keep my mind busy, researching fashion trends and beads when I feel up to it.

Hopefully, some day I will be able to help him more with the store and we can enjoy working with the customers together.

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