Collection: Ios® par Puca®

Enjoy osmosing with the Ios® par Puca®, her new interconnectable beads, Puca®, more "French Elegance" and "Parisian Chic" than ever, is offering you to discover the world of osmosis creation where the perfect interconnection of her three beads (Arcos®, Minos® and Ios®) which multiples the possiblities of osmosis creation and gives more chic, grace and elegance to your creations.  Enjoy osmosing!

Ios® par Puca® beads measure 2.5 x 5.5 mm with two holes measuring 0.8 mm.  There are approximately 85 beads in 10 grams.

These pressed glass beads are made in the Czech Republic. 

Click here for free patterns by Puca® using this bead and here for free patterns by other designers.