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One Stop Reference Chart for Bead Sizes, Hole Sizes, Bead Counts

I get very frustrated when I'm trying to find information on a brand name bead because multiple sources gives you multiple answers for the same question.  I obtained as much information as I could directly from Miyuki, who has a phenomenal website.  TOHO, however, is amazingly undocumented.  When I contacted their CO in Japan, they advised me they do not keep records of the exact hole sizes of their beads or counts per gram.  I advised him hole sizes are very important to bead designers because we have such a choice of threads to choose from and we need to determine how many passes we can make through a bead to ensure it's going to work in the design.
They have, over several months, sent me bits and pieces of information to fill in the chart I'm keeping.  Some retailers post the approximate number of beads per package, which helps.  Some even post the hole size.  But there was never one central place to go for any information.  So, I created a reference chart and am constantly adding to it.
Feel free to use and if you have any information to offer, please feel free to leave a comment.  As always, the hole sizes and gram counts can vary, depending on the finish of the bead.  Did you know that matte or frosted beads are actually made that way by taking away tiny particles from the surface of the bead and they are actually lighter than a regular finish bead?  But, I'm not going to sit and count beads by types of finish!  I'll use an estimate.  The information on the chart is based on regular finish beads.


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