Collection: Les Perles par Puca®

“Les Perles par Puca®” brand was born from a chance encounter ...
4 years ago, François Parent, distributor of Swarovski and Czech beads, stumbled upon the work of Puca, renowned French designer.  Francois Parent immediately loved the creations of Puca, the chic of her necklaces, the typically Parisian elegance of her bracelets, this French touch that makes the work of Puca recognizable among all.
They decided to make a team and create the beads ... it was the birth of Kheops® par Puca®

With the original and innovative concepts, like the beads interconnection, and without forgetting the French elegance and Parisian chic , the brand “Les Perles par Puca®” has created a variety of beads:
Kheops® par Puca® - the first of the first!
Arcos® par Puca® - the bow becomes a classic!
Minos® par Puca® - the cute little one!
Ios® par Puca® - the minimalist!
Super-Khéops® par Puca® - the Kheops® in 3D
Tinos® par Puca® - the geometric!
Cabochon par Puca® - which renews the classic cabochon by dimensions and original decorations
Amos® par Puca® - so lovely!
The credo of Puca® is of course to create chic beads with a touch of elegance...

What she wants above all is that the beads she creates are not just beautiful, are not just a projection of theoretical artistic creativity but they are especially "useful". By their elaborate form, studied almost scientifically and their almost mathematical interweaving, they fit perfectly giving a harmony of her creations.